May 10 2021

I have known Bill for years he is one of the kindest & most intelligent people I have ever met.

SEObyTheSea should be a must read for Any serious SEO.

He was nice enough to invite me on his YouTube show each week and he has thought me so much.

Bill is never to busy to explain how something works his constant work to understand the way Google works has benefited the SEO community in a way that I think only the people writing & reading this can understand.

I think Bill is the best true authority on SEO & so much more.

Thank you so much for everything, Bill!

May 9 2021

Nicholas McDonough   @callmenicholi

I was fairly new to SEO when I crossed paths with Bill. I was trying to understand TF-IDF with the tool I was using.

I was blindly using it and was really perplexed. What is this thing?

I could not for the life of me understand why TF-IDF had no affect. Bill responded and explained it in simple terms.

Thanks for saving me a lot of time and helping the industry as a whole.

Many Thanks Bill.

May 8 2021

I've been in the SEO industry for many years and have worked with some of the best SEO professionals around. Out of all my friends, I know Bill is one that has really had a profound impact on how we do things these days. He started working in this field 15 years ago when most people didn't even recognize it as an important internet marketing tactic yet! It's crazy to think he was so ahead of his time back then.

May 7 2021

Muhammad Alkautsar   @air_makara

I know Bill Slawski from one of the twit from random twitter account that try to "teach" Bill about Domain Authority. Like that random account, i also don't know about Bill at first. Well, i am newbie in this industry. But from that very moment, i immediately browse video that featuring Bill. First thing i know about Bill is he really like flower and sea. Man, that's kinda samurai things. Remind me of the last scene of the tale of Musashi that fight his biggest nemesis, Sasaki Kojiro, and it happened in seaside. Same as Bill that slay many SEO myth that rooted in my mind. It's such a blessing i know Bill Slawski. Thank you Bill!

May 6 2021

I started my carrier in 2013 with DubSEO Limited. Sudip and Me both are working together for our client DubSEO, the name of owner is Mahdi H Nejad now Matt Ryan. Sudip helped me to learn new things online and do follow few peoples Barry, john and Billslawski. He (billslawski) replied me many times with suggestions that helped me.

Bill thank you for your help. I do help people to learn new things like you. Thank you so much.