March 3 2021

I most recently saw Bill in person when he made the trip to SearchLove San Diego. I hadn't known he was there until I saw him in the audience as I was speaking - right when I was talking about patents and referencing his work. I was thrilled to be able to stand on stage and credit him in person given the huge influence he has had on my career and hence my life. I think we first met on the cre8asite forums before Distilled had even come into being - and I learned so much from him and fellow experienced industry folks who were so generous with their time and expertise.

Thanks for everything over the years, Bill, and wishing you all the best for a full and fast recovery.

March 2 2021

It's been quite some time since I had the pleasure of having coffee with Bill at the Central Perk, we would meet there every Wednesday. After learning about his blog through the early SEOChat and Cre8asite forums (17 years ago!), it was a surprise to find out just a year or so later that Bill lived in the same town as me!

Bill helped guide this ambitious young man by helping me make better decisions about where I wanted to go in business and in life in general. We would meet for coffee and we became great friends, helping to introduce me to others locally in our industry through some networking groups, and was a big brother during my first trip to Pubcon in the big scary city of Las Vegas.

Truly a mentor to me and also a good friend, and I sure hope to meet up for another cup of coffee someday soon (I'll have to get out to the West Coast, Bill!)

March 1 2021

Hey, Bill!

I`m totally unknown to you but you need to know that some one in Romania cares about you and all the great things that you have done to us, the SEO community!

Get well fast! :)

February 28 2021

Rich Richardson   @RichOnCommerce

I first met Bill in on August 26, 2014 when I barely knew how to spell SEO! I sent him a note with a question, and in spite of the fact that he was quite busy and didn't know me at all, took the time to call me that day to answer my question.

Bill gets questions from people all over the world, given the leading-edge nature of his work puts him in high demand. He is always generous with sharing his deep knowledge, courteous, kind, and respectful to everyone, demonstrating great patience while the slower of us race to catch up with his thinking.

This photo is from the 2014 Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Diego where I presented on how adding standardized GS1 markup to web pages drives increased traffic, conversion, and sales. The photo includes Aaron Bradley, Barbara Starr, and Greg Kellogg, with Bill (as always) in the background.

Sharing my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, and willing to help from the East coast if I can!

Rich Richardson

February 27 2021

Saad Ali Khan   @saadalikhan1994

I Love Him 💙💙💙💙💙 [ @bill_slawski SIR ], He has helped me many times, whenever I've asked him for help in SEO + he has shared articles with me which has blown my mind completely. I have learned tons of Knowledge from him, 🙏🙏🙏, & will continue to do so 💙💙💙, We all are praying for your Speedy Recovery, SIR 🤲💙💙💙. #StayStrong SIR.