Thank god this is not a note about Bill but to Bill.

Glad to see you are getting better. You have been in my prayers from time to time, so it seemed those worked.
As long as i saw you RT or like Tweets, i knew you were going to be okay.

There are #OGSEOs - it is a small club but comes with great respect. There is Danny Sullivan the first SEO journalist.. there is Barry Schwartz who took over the journalist role from Danny after Danny went to Google. There is Matt Cutts who was the voice of google and SEO for some time who now works for the United States Digital Service. Then there is Bill. There are others who have been doing SEO as long as you have that are #OGSEO, but none who have the credibility, respect and renown that you have. I am so glad you are beating this illness. God Bless you Bill.