During my time as a Moderator/Admin on the Cre8asite forums I came across Bill. The whole SEO world was a new thing to me & in joining Kim's forum I found myself surrounded by some excellent peeps.
What I learnt from Bill was attention to detail not only in SEO matters but also in general human behaviour towards each other. There were many "Back Room" conversations where posts, people & policies were discussed. I learnt to take everything & everyone on it's/their own merits & teach everyone/thing equally.
And Bill would take time & explain everything & was so understanding with everyone who wanted to learn.
Thankfully a lot of the "Out Front" conversations are still available through the Internet Archive - so go indulge yourself.
But another aspect of Bill's work was his reporting & explanation of Google patents. I will admit I was totally lost most of the time... lol.. but I was still very impressed👍😀
Anyway, enough waffling from me. I think Bill is one of life's "excellent people" and it's a pleasure to know him 👍😀