Bill was, is and always be my mentor, I always see him as a father , teacher, a pioneer, the prometheus and more than that, one time I messaged him and explained how am I grateful to his sharing and how all my seo success is coming from the Slawskian School where I thought everything, the only person I had to ask for his sanity and good health in the covid period was Bill sending him messages to check about his health in 3 AM Morocco time. One of my best wishes is to have him in my YouTube Channel to talk about SEO, but unfortunately the day I launched my channel I get informed about the health problems he was experiencing recently, so I stopped my channel and start sending messages to check if I could help him by something I was able to travel to USA in his home to assist him in everything if he just asked too.
Thank you Bill for everything, you will be recovering fully 100%.
From Chawki Elhimri.